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Spider Murphy Gang 2024

Spider Murphy Gang - Live 2024

Spider Murphy Gang is finally coming back to Frankfurt in November 2024 and their hits like "Skandal im Sperrbezirk", "Schickeria" or "Sommer in der Stadt" are not to be missed! 

The band from Munich has been playing on German stages for several decades - from small club shows to sold-out arena concerts, they have seen it all. 

"Mir san a bayrische Band" they sing. The unique combination of rock and the Bavarian dialect is THE recognisable feature of Spider Murphy Gang. That is exactly the reason they are celebrated by their fans: the special sound and the exciting lyrics.  

In their songs they address eroticism, sex and double standards - but in their own humorous way. The talented Bavarians wrote songs about everything they felt like and landed in the charts despite the taboo topics mentioned in their lyrics.  

The multi-award-winning rock'n'roll band has now existed for over 45 years and there is no end in sight! In addition to their successful albums, they have released two films. In 1983 "Die Spider Murphy Gang - Der Film" was released and for the 40th anniversary in 2020 "Spider Murphy Gang - Glory Days of Rock'n'Roll" came out and was even broadcasted on German television!  

"Skandal (Skandal) Im Sperrbezirk, Skandal (Skandal) Im Sperrbezirk, Skandal, Skandal um Rosi"- everyone can sing along, young and old alike.  

The Spider Murphy Gang invites you to an unforgettable evening at Frankfurt's Batschkapp.

Tour dates

Saturday, 30.11.2024
Batschkapp, 60388 Frankfurt
Gwinnerstraße 5
Entry: 19:00 o'clock
For 51,10€