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General terms and conditions of trade

General terms and conditions of trade
1. General
When placing the order the following regulations are legally binding and accepted by the customer. Differing conditions of the customer are not recognized by Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH, unless Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH has expressly agreed in writing. Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH accepts no responsibility for the release of the data supplied in the case of copyright infringement on the part of the deliverer and excludes any liability. The liability for financial losses is limited to intent and gross negligence.

2. Online - Purchase
2.1 Order acceptance
Concert Tickets, covered below as tickets, are only sold to end customers.
The customer himself is responsible to check for the accuracy of information such as date, price, start and venue when purchasing tickets. The accuracy of the details contained in the online presence of Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH is not guaranteed. Force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances do not justify claims for damages. Specifically Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH shall be under no obligation to inform the customer about last-minute changes (e.g. the artist's disease) directly. It is recommended - especially during a longer arrival - to check in about any changes under 0234 9471940.
The respites for online orders before the concert depend on the type of payment and delivery method.
The offer for a contract formation starts from the customer as soon as he has sent the order with its data to Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH. With transmission of the data, Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH agrees the offer by the customer under the condition that at payment receipt the ordered quantity of tickets in the selected price level is still present. Orders will be processed in the order they are received. Reservations for certain places are usually not possible.
After completing the online order, the customer will automatically receive an invoice by mail or email. After the incoming payment at Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH, the tickets will be sent by mail to the customer.
If Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH cannot reserve the ordered tickets (Example: The concert is already sold out), the customer will also - if possible – be notified.

2.2 Prices and Payment
The mentioned ticket prices by Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH include the current VAT. Errors and misprints excepted.
For orders within Germany the shipping fee will be 4, 00 Euro per order. 
For orders that will be delivered abroad, the shipping fee is 6, 00 Euro.
The delivered tickets of Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH remain property of Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH until all claimed payments were received by Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH.

2.3 Shipping and Delivery
The order will be delivered to the specified address entered by the customer, or to the, from the invoice address deviating, delivery address. The delivery of tickets happens by mail. It is strongly recommended to specify a German delivery address.
The estimated mail delivery time - and with that the cut-off days – amounts empirical in
Germany: 5 working days.
EU: 10 working days
Other areas: 12 working days.
These times are taken into account from the customer when placing an online order. The customer should make sure that Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH has enough time to send the tickets by mail.
The mail delivery is at purchaser’s risk. Lars Berndt EVENTS is not liable for lost tickets or delayed delivery due to short booking lead or incorrectly entered customer address or delivery address.

2.4 Return of tickets / Withdrawal
Ordered tickets are generally excluded from return. The only exceptions are incorrect deliveries, cancellation or postponement of a concert. Tickets for events are not subject to the distance contract in according to § 312b BGB (German Civil Code). This means that a two-week cancellation right and return does not exist. Each order of tickets is obligatory immediately after confirmation of Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH and at the same an obligation to accept and pay the ordered ticket

In the case of cancellation or postponement of the event the cardholder can only return his ticket over a period of 3 months after the originally announced date of the event. After that any right to refund is expired.

The process time on our part might take up to 8 weeks.
If the event is postponed locally, the tickets remain valid. A right to attend a particular location (venue) does not exist. If there is a change of date, the tickets also remain valid for the new date. On request of the customer, the tickets can be returned in this case.

2.5 Damages
For the provision of compensation for pecuniary damage for whatever legal reason (impossibility, delay, positive infringement, culpa in contrahendo, tort, etc.) Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH is only liable for willful or grossly negligent conduct of legal representatives or vicarious agents. This exemption does not apply to the breach of contract and to liability for warranted characteristics.
A replacement of lost tickets is generally not possible.

2.6 Privacy and data processing
The collected data of the customer while ordering will be used solely for internal processing of the order. All information will be kept safe. Access to the data is only possible for employees of Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH and only allowed to perform their specific tasks. Customer data will not be disclosed to third parties. Customers agree that their data will be received from Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH for internal processing for their order.

3. Concert
3.1 Driving
The entering of the venue is generally at your own risk. The owner of the ticket parks their vehicle at their own risk. If possible it is asked to use public transportation!

3.2 Inlet
The ticket qualifies you to visit the on the ticket mentioned event one-time. When leaving the venue, the ticket loses its validity.
At admission might be a security check. The security service is instructed to strip search. Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH reserves the right to prevent the inlet for important reasons (and in return refund the price of the ticket).

3.3 Event
Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH reserves the right to modify the preliminary program without prior announcement.
The house rules of each venue and the indications of the forces of order are to be obeyed. Entering the stage area and the boarding of barriers is prohibited. In case of contraventions Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH can decree a deportation from the venue.
It is not allowed to carry along glass containers, cans, tape recorders, film and video cameras, bulky items, cooler bags, pyrotechnical devices, flares, sparklers, weapons and similar dangerous objects as well as animals. Non-observance and non-compliance with a rule results in a deportation from the venue.
Sound, film and video recordings - even for private use - are not allowed. Contraventions will be prosecuted.

3.4 Possible consequences
At concerts there are risks of hearing damages and adverse health effects because of the volume. Lars Berndt EVENTS GmbH assumes no liability, but rather dissuades from attending the event if you have any concerns.
Lars Berndt EVENTS is not liable for lost or stolen items during the event.

4. Final clauses
It only applies the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Sole place of fulfillment for delivery, service and payment is Bochum. Should individual points of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
Date: November 02, 2011

Changes and errors excepted.